Superb Owl Sunday: An Alternative to Super Bowl


Maybe Super Bowl isn’t your thing, but you’re craving that oneness that others achieve on this day by gathering to watch the last American football game of the year in pubs and “man” caves all around the world. I’m here to talk about an alternative.

Superb Owl Sunday is an opportunity to do the same things only centered around the noble and majestic owl. You might be thinking that owls can be rather creepy with their too large eyes. And how about what they look like without feathers? But there is much more to these birds that can be learned about and celebrated on Superb Owl Sunday. With over 200 species of owls in the world, there is a lot to learn!

A Suggested Itinerary

  1. Eat owl-shaped pancakes for breakfast
  2. Bake and decorate owl-shaped cookies for the evening festivities
  3. Owl crafts could include paper mache, clay, construction paper, knitting/crocheting, macaroni, wood, costumes, painting, and more!
  4. Make owl-related snacks. These could look like mice if you want to pretend to be owls.
  5. Check out a documentary or visit a place where owls live in sanctuary.
  6. You can try to bird watch for them, but they prefer the night and only the snowy owl will be possible to see during winter as the rest hibernate.
  7. Watch owl movies. Here is a list of potential films*:
    • Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole
    • Grey Owl
    • The Cry of the Owl (1987) or its remake (2009)
    • The Owl (1991) or its remake (2014)
    • The Owl and the Pussycat
    • Night Owls
    • Night Owl
    • Owl and the Sparrow
    • Skellig: The Owl Man
    • The Owls
    • Hoot
    • Owl River Runners
    • Harry Potter series
  8. Hold a hooting contest. You’ll have to figure out the judging criteria. Maybe whoever can hoot the most like the type of owl chosen should win.
  9. Play an owl-related board game.

*Disclaimer: Some of these movies may have little more than owl in their name or metaphorical owls. Also, some may not be suitable for children.

So you can see there is a lot that can be done today for those that have no interest in the Super Bowl. For those that must watch it anyway, if you find men attractive, you can get through the whole thing simply by snacking and judging nice bottoms 😉