Planning – ROW80 2019 R4-19

Having a schedule is helping a lot. Sure, I’m not always getting to everything on my list, but some is more than none.

I have planners on the mind a lot lately. One of my first planners was a Day-Timer. There were a lot of things I liked about it like the ring binder style, but I last used it for taking notes at a writing conference and stopped planning in it.

During school, I used a large Mead planner to keep track of assignments. It was good for what I needed then.

I then tried a Bullet Journal, but it was too time intensive to do spreads regularly and I felt like I was planning more than I was doing.

For a bit after that, I had a Travel Planner, but it didn’t really fit me either.

Lately, I’ve been surviving with a pocket Mead, but it hasn’t really fit either.

What I discovered is that I need a hybrid method. I’m currently waiting for an A5 Filofax to come. It has a ring binder style like my Day-Timer and some premade pages. I can also get refills that include dot sheets like a Bujo, lined sheets, blank sheets, and possibly even grid sheets.

I’m going to like being able to easily remove pages for archiving. I will still use travellers notebooks for writing purposes because I can carry several small and lightweight notebooks with me to be able to write notes for several projects in their own separate books. And I’m going to make my own. I have a super stapler specifically for things like this and lined paper. I got some cover paper and I’m good to go. I’m going to colour code writing projects!

Anyway, one thing I’m unsure of is planner methodology. I’ve heard of the Bullet Journal Method and the Getting Things Done (GTD) Method, but I don’t know what else is out there aside from advanced project management methods of planning. If you know of some others, please leave a comment!


I’ve got myself a new schedule, which includes daily exercise, meditation, learning, and fun. I haven’t been getting everything done, but I have been getting a lot more done than I was.

I swung my sword a bit on Tuesday. It felt good to pull it out even if I didn’t last long. With winter tires on my car now, I can get my butt back to the dojo 🙂


I cleaned up an area of my bedroom. I’m feeling pretty motivated right now, so I’ve been looking through outstanding projects. I have a small Harry Potter blanket that needs repair, for example. It’s stuffing didn’t stay in place, so it’s lumpy and weird. I’m hoping I can just open it on one end, straighten it out, close it, then add stitching to keep it in place in the future.


I’ve been sucking here. Not totally. I DID make a practice log. I didn’t get far with it yet though.

  • Let It Be
  • Lean on Me
  • Jurassic Park


I’m still reading Stephen King’s Thinner. It’s getting really intense. He’s so great at switching from prose to dialogue without disrupting the flow. And even switching from one character’s POV to another’s without making it confusing!

  • 2/3


I’ve made some progress on Sparks, which has pushed me above 74,000! I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I think I’m going to be above my goal long before the end.


  • 74,265/80,000


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