Dating Frustrations – ROW80 2019 R4-12

Not that I’ve been making it a huge focus lately with other things I’ve been doing, but I feel the need to rant about dating at this age.

In short, it mostly sucks.

The online profiles of men are mostly useless in determining a fit. The options seem to be between dudes who never exercise or dudes who spend all their free time biking and hiking. Do you all just copy each other’s profiles or something? Also, there’s a key point missing. That is whether or not you are expecting your potential partners to also be bikers and hikers or if this is just something you like to do yourself. Like I’m a martial artist and while it would be cool to find someone who practises the same martial art(s) as I do, it’s really not a mandatory thing for me. And it’s almost better that they are into different martial arts than I am, so we have things to teach each other.

It would be awesome if they had their own things and weren’t the jealous type that doesn’t like when I’m out with my martial arts buds. Because that shit is annoying.

Also, what is with the shirtless pics, the sunglasses pics, and laying on the bed pics? You’re not looking for a relationship with those, so put your status to casual or don’t know instead of relationship. There are women out there just looking for sex, so stop wasting everyone else’s time when it’s obvious that is what you’re looking for.

Of course, I would prefer to be with someone who likes to read books because I’m a writer, and that’s a huge part of who I am. I’d also prefer to be with someone who is closer to me in political and religious views because I don’t want daily fights about these external things that have huge impacts on lives around the globe. There are enough other things to fight about in a healthy relationship like whose turn it is to pick the movie. I’d also like the man to be into horror movies because I regularly enjoy watching them. I occasionally like sappy stuff like Grey’s Anatomy too, especially when work has been particularly demanding. They must like dogs. I love them and I’m allergic to cats. I also like video games and music.

Maybe I should just post that as my dating profile. Of course, the field probably can’t fit all that.

Back to the rant though. It seems most single men are over a decade older than me, mentally ill (and it’s unmanaged), abusive, or completely incompetent at being an adult without their parents. Or they can’t carry on a conversation, so that getting to know them is even possible. And if it’s none of that, sometimes I just don’t feel attracted to them, but I suppose that could partly be that I haven’t gotten to know them enough.

So I don’t know where to go from here. Have friends send me on blind dates? Find some speed dating event? Lurk at dog parks perhaps with a shelter dog that could use a walk?

Anyway, this has been a somewhat brief update on my dating life. Back to the regularly scheduled programming.


I’ve been working on getting rid of more clutter in the living room and my glider will eventually be in a different location as I still hope to eventually have a recliner as my main living room seating for myself. I’m taking the fitness challenge off for now until I actually start it. Maybe it’ll be a New Year’s resolution.

  1. Glider: I lost count of the steps, but I got about half an hour in on Monday. My glider doesn’t reset from 0, so if I don’t remember what they were when I started, I’m lost. Maybe I’ll just measure time from now on because it’s easier.
  2. Martial Arts: I haven’t made it out, but I don’t have snow tires on my car yet and winter descended on us like a curtain at the end of a show.


I have fixed my heat with guidance from two friends.

  • Declutter: 355/1,050 minutes (Goal 15 mins/day)
  • Paper: 151 pieces (1/day)


I decided I’m just going to write. I don’t care about hitting any arbitrary word count goal. I just want to jump into the stories and enjoy the process.

  • 9,525/50,000


I will revisit performing in the Spring when I know more than I do now. I just want to keep learning songs and having fun.

  • Let It Be
  • Downtown Abbey
  • Lean on Me


As far as David Christian’s Origin Story goes, I’m still in the second last chapter.

  • 1/3


I did a little bit on this. I started a new chapter. I’m also trying to make the genre better defined.

  • 73,454/80,000


2 thoughts on “Dating Frustrations – ROW80 2019 R4-12

  1. I’m going to be honest, I can’t even imagine how hard dating is these days. If something happened to the Hubby, I’d be like, well, I guess that’s it, spending the rest of my life home alone on the computer writing stories or scrolling through Facebook living vicariously through others.

    Good luck with it. Maybe take a break, and be like, Mr Perfect will fall from the sky when he’s supposed.

    Have a great day!

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