ROW80 2019 R4-11

I had planned on doing more writing today, but as I was traveling home I stumbled onto a scandal. A scandal involving other writers I care about or whose work I admire and friends who have worked with ChiZine Publications who is at the centre of said scandal. It involves things like delayed or non-payments for one. Now, that isn’t normal, but also isn’t as bad as the rest. The rest being allegations of abuse, sexual harassment (including reviews referring to an author’s genitalia), and other extremely disturbing behaviours like trying to break apart marriages. At this moment there is a lot of WTAF in how I’m feeling about it all. These are people I’ve been around many times over the years. I have eleven books from their authors on my shelves and I would have bought more. Not now. I will read what I already own as many of the authors are leaving after having their rights revert to them. I’ll be keeping an eye on which ones are leaving as I don’t want to support the others.

For me, I feel fortunate to dodge the bullet as they were on my list of places to query. Not anymore.

More on this situation:


The new doctor was really nice. All my test results were in, so it’s not my B12 levels making me tired. I think it’s partly that I forgot it was the time change and lost sleep. He’s sending for my other records as I should be seeing a specialist at some point. I’m to follow up in two weeks. The specialist I had a couple of years ago moved to Toronto and didn’t bother to call the patients. Since I was without benefits and a job for awhile, I wasn’t in a rush to do anything about it. I’m tired of having joint pain and really just want to get back to being active.

  1. Glider: 0 steps
  2. OYO 10 Week Challenge: 0/70
  3. Martial Arts: 0


I got a new mop. My curtains are up in my bedroom and living room. The set for my dining room need to be washed before they can go up.

  • Declutter: 355/1,050 minutes (Goal 15 mins/day)
  • Paper: 150 pieces (1/day)
  • Bathroom: Nothing.


I’m not where I want to be at all for this, but I have Monday off as a floater holiday, so I hope to catch up.

  • 7,450/50,000


I’m going to go with Let It Be.

  • Let It Be
  • Downtown Abbey
  • Lean on Me


As far as David Christian’s Origin Story goes, I’m in the last chapter.

  • 1/3


I have not worked on this as I’ve been doing NaNo when I do have writing time.

  • 73,244/80,000