ROW80 2019 R4-10

Never ever bother with paper blinds. They lasted three days. It’s a good thing that my finances are in better shape than last year. I should’ve known better than to try them at all, but I thought they might last a couple of months at least. Nope. Ah well, I needed a hook to move my living room light to stop the glare from hitting my screens. I also got the shrink wrap for winterizing my windows since we had our first few snowflakes yesterday in Ottawa. Thankfully, they didn’t stick around, but it’s sooner than I hoped to see any.

I suppose I can make use of the paper blinds as a backing for various framed items as needed, so they aren’t a total waste. I plan on washing my window inside before putting the shrink wrap on it. I think I’ll be washing the outside too or I won’t be able to see out of it.

I will have to go back to the store at some point because I didn’t realize that I only got one curtain instead of two for my bedroom. The ones in my bedroom currently will replace the awful stained cotton ones that came with the condo when I bought it. I figured seven years of them is enough.


Well, I’m meeting another new doctor this week as the last one figured she didn’t have enough time to be my doctor since she’s only in the office twice a week. I did get blood tests done and have the bruise to prove it. I’ve put fitness goals on hold for now, but will get back at it really soon. It’s not great to exercise if my B12 levels are indeed low.

  1. Glider: 0 steps
  2. OYO 10 Week Challenge: /70
  3. Martial Arts: 😦


Other than the window coverings, I have taken all the stuff I had sitting around to donate. I also moved my bedroom around some, so my dresser is now near my closet and my instruments are actually accessible to me. In the living room, I have hung two small sets of blinds and one curtain. The other I’m still hemming.

  • Declutter: 355/1,050 minutes (Goal 15 mins/day)
  • Paper: 150 pieces (1/day)
  • Bathroom: Nothing.


I’m not doing too bad here at all. My pacing is terrible, so I’m getting to the ending of my short stories about 7,000 words too soon, but there’s at least something to work with.

  • 7,450/50,000


I’m going to go with Let It Be.

  • Let It Be
  • Downtown Abbey
  • Lean on Me


As far as David Christian’s Origin Story goes, I’m still in the second last chapter. I’m almost at the point of what he sees may be in our future on this floating rock. I’d probably be done, but I stopped bringing it with me to work in fear I’d finish and have nothing to read on the way home…

  • 1/3


I have not worked on this as I’ve been doing NaNo when I do have writing time.

  • 73,244/80,000


5 thoughts on “ROW80 2019 R4-10

  1. Thanks for the advice on the paper blinds, not that they were ever on my wish list. Don’t really care for blinds of any kind, stick mostly to curtains, so I can sew them how I like. 🙂

    You’ve got a great, well-rounded list of goals. Best wishes with them all.

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  2. We recently got some window stickers in the Japanese style to keep the light in but create some privacy all the same. I can’t really give feedback on them yet since the installation of the new windows is not complete but that could be an alternative for blinds.

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    • I’m hesitant to stick things directly on my windows because we have so many temperature changes throughout the year. They sound interesting though. I like the stained glass looking ones.


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