ROW80 2019 R4-6

What has been on my mind lately is community. Community is the reason I tried church in the first place. My community is a mosaic and as adults it is hard to get schedules aligned in order to spend time with each other. So instead of one community, I belong to several. Martial arts is one, writing is another, a movie club, and a political meetup. Most of these meet once per month at the most though and often all the same week, so I have been feeling like I need something for at least one other week in the month. I found another meetup I might try that is in the earlier part of the month. I was going to go last week, but it was too much with travelling. I’ve also joined a gamer group.

Speaking of the writing community, Can-Con was great fun! I got a lot of inspiration on Friday from the panels I attended, which included one on agents and how they’re real people too. Another was a hard sci-fi look on getting outer space right in a story. Then I was off to a horror panel about how horror is becoming more accepted in the wider literary community now that there are so many highly successful horror movies. Instead of going to the official Friday night party, I hit up the hotel bar with an old friend and made two new ones in the process.

Severely hungover on Saturday, I didn’t make it back to Can-Con that day, but I did make it out to a Haunted Walk at Laurier House. There were some startling moments, but I smiled through a lot of it whereas some of the other group that weren’t part of the one I was with were all very jumpy at the slightest strange occurance. At a pub later, we debriefed and chatted. I even got a bit of writing inspiration from that. It was really great seeing my friends.

I made it back to Can-Con on Sunday though tired. After checking out the vendor area and grabbing three books, I left my things behind as I ran to the elevator. A tiny girl was in there crying. She was found by a big man and I thought it best he didn’t go anywhere alone with her for everyone’s safety. Not that I thought he would do anything, but I didn’t want him to be in that position. Thankfully, her mom was at the elevator door on the ground floor when we got there. Also, it was fortunate that she was too small to reach anything other than the first row of buttons.

Sunday’s panels were a mix of The Haunting of Hill House, which I haven’t read or seen and only heard that I should definitely check it out. I got ideas there too. Then there was a talk on Cryptocurrency, which gave me other real life ideas. And finally a panel on religion in world building. It was interesting, but I’m not sure I agree with some of the ideas shared there.

And just like that, the convention is over. I lost a hat, but gained two new writer friends. I call that a win.

Onto the update…


I walked a lot this weekend, so I’m not going to feel bad here. Oh, I saw online that I may be able to get a partial reimbursement on my OYO because I had backed the version that was supposed to connect to an app and they decided not to go forward with the app after shipping them out. Maybe that will offset some of the money I spent on books this weekend…

  1. Glider: 0 steps
  2. OYO 10 Week Challenge: /70
  3. Martial Arts: I missed this weekend due to Can-Con 2019, but I’ll be back at it next week.


I didn’t get much done here between traveling last weekend and Can-Con this weekend, but I’ll be back at it this week.

  • Declutter: 160/1,050 minutes (Goal 15 mins/day)
  • Paper: 145 pieces (1/day)
  • Bathroom: Nothing.


  • Tri: I’m in the planning stages and have added my project to the NaNo site.


I haven’t been practicing and I feel bad about it. I will be catching up this week for sure.

  • Downtown Abbey
  • Lean on Me


As far as David Christian’s Origin Story goes, I’m in the portion of the book where it’s talking about the 1500s.

  • 1/3


I got a few ideas for this from of the panels, which I’ve wrote down. Hopefully I remember to check my notes.

  • 73,244/80,000


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