ROW80 2019 R4-4

As I’m visiting family this Thanksgiving weekend, my update will be a little different.

Before taking off for the weekend, I caught up on laundry. This is partly because I saw a cockroach. And despite all my decluttering progress, I felt pretty fucking defeated. But then I learned things about them. Things like that they don’t like hanging out in filth. They actually prefer clean homes to live in. They are found in many multiple unit dwellings, unfortunately. And they like coming out in warm weather. They love water areas too. On the other side of the wall is the hot water tank room. Time to plug any holes in that wall for sure. I did put bait down in the area.

Someone told me that my decluttering is going well because I disturbed it. It’s a good sign rather than one to feel sad, embarrassed, or ashamed about. I’m not failing at decluttering; I’m making progress. I hope they’re right. I want as few potential hiding places for creepy bugs as possible.

Having lost sleep over it all, the trip to my hometown required a stop for caffeine. But then it took awhile to get back on the highway because there were hunters filling gas cans. I’m not sure why they didn’t fill those the night before, so they wouldn’t hold up all the travelers. I quickly learned they spilled quite a bit of gas as the wet spot was impossible to avoid standing in as I refilled to finish my trip there. So, gas stinking shoes and all, I continued on my trip.

Other than those shitty things, my weekend has been good. I spent time with a close friend on Saturday. There were a lot of laughs had as we shopped for nothing in particular.

I’ve been trying to enjoy watching cable with my parents, but every commercial break is filled with election ads. I’m glad I voted already. I’m thankful for advance polls. There was only one man in line ahead of me. My civic duty was done without pain.


– Declutter: 2 bins & 1 box donated. Laundry and dishes caught up.


– I had an epiphany to rewrite Puppy Chow. Well, sort of. There will be no puppies in it and it’ll no longer be a creature feature horror, but something more dramatic. It will only have the barest of similarities to the original story line and I’ve been writing all kinds of notes this weekend to plan. I’m super excited! I may still do Puppy Chow in the future with different characters though.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for this check-in. Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating this weekend!


2 thoughts on “ROW80 2019 R4-4

  1. Roaches sure are a nuisance! I hope it was just the one, wandering around…
    We don’t have too many in the north of France and they’re usually very small, but I remember the big ones from back in Texas and the West Indies… brrr…😨

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    • I find them unsettling. It was in my bedroom of all places! I expect them in the kitchen now and then, but my bedroom? So I slept in a different room. I figure that the less I have, the less reason they have to be anywhere near my place.


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