Metal Mania

I noticed that when I slow a song way down, I suddenly play it like crap. That’s how my first attempt at playing with the metronome went. But I think I played it at the wrong speed regardless. It’s just interesting that it completely fell apart. I’m now thinking it may be a good idea to play songs at all kinds of speeds regardless of what they were written to be played at.

This sort of complicates my plans. I was thinking that I could simply play metal versions by speeding songs up and adding distortion. I don’t think that’s going to be enough. Maybe key changes will also be needed to make them sound darker. Guess I better dust off my theory books and get acquainted with the Circle of Fifths.

There’s me being all ambitious again. Perhaps overly so. I’m having fun anyway.

Interestingly, Let It Be is written as moderately with a half note equaling 60 bpm. My piano teacher friend says that is basically, “Crap, that’s fast!” When I look up Let It Be online, the bpm ranges from 66 to 71 bpm, which isn’t fast at all. That’s Adagio speed according to my old, non-functioning metronome. Moderato says between 108-120. I have no idea how fast I should be playing it at this point.

I’ve been exploring metal to figure out which sub-genres I like. So far the list includes Nu, Funk, Alt, Goth, Industrial. I have nearly 300 bands to check out, which is super exciting! I’m checking out 5 songs of each to give them all a fair enough trial. I’ve found a ton with minimal screaming, which is fantastic. And yes, I’m aware some don’t think the Nu style is metal, but there are bands in there that reject the label like Slipknot and Disturbed.


I largely stalled in this area. I find I get stuck for a bit wondering what I should do next. I am repurposing another item from my bedroom. A cube storage unit. It will go in my dining room to get more things organized. Incidentally, after dusting it, I feel a lot better, so perhaps it was what was keeping me allergic in recent days.

  • Bathroom: Not Started
  • Paper: 79 pieces


  • R. Card: 63%
  • S. Card: 49.9%
  • Student Loan: 7.76%
  • Savings: TBD


I didn’t get started on working out on Friday. I was too exhausted after losing sleep several times during the week between the neighbour making noise at 3:30 in the morning on Wednesday and a storm waking me up early on Thursday. Hopefully this week is better for sleep.

I haven’t gone back to martial arts just yet because it’s still really easy to hurt my toe. If I flex the muscle by accident or if it sticks to the floor a bit, that’s all it takes. I haven’t been able to trim the nail yet because it hurts to touch there. I misplaced the sheet for the x-ray and I’m really annoyed about it.


  • Charlie et la Chocolaterie: 9/30


  • Memorize: Let It Be – There’s a piece I still trip over. Hopefully I have it down pat in time for my next lesson.
  • Learn: Downtown Abbey – I need to work on this one more.
  • Learn: Smells Like Teen Spirit – I haven’t worked on this one really at all.
  • Practice: C Scale – Getting better. Both hands are pretty good separately. Together is a whole different story.


Despite all the sleep disturbances, I was able to capture a ton of ideas that will help with structure issues and more. I just have to get them written and integrated into the book. Just.

  • The Spark: 72,312/80,000


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  1. Nu Metal definitely is metal! Ah that brings me back… I still enjoy Disturbed’s first album “The Sickness” to this day. Have you checked out Shinedown and Skillet?

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