Energy Fluctuations

Sorry for missing the midweek post. I’ve been exhausted this week between the toe and such.

I noticed something. When I’m stressed and tired, it’s hard to get anything done no matter how much I try and push. Even a short blog post.

On Saturday, I came home from my piano lesson energized and it was amazing how much I could do in just 10 minutes. In 20 minutes, I had groceries put away, lunch made, and a drink poured for myself. All despite my likely broken toe, which was sore after doing groceries.

I have made a new schedule for myself. It was born out of struggling to try and do everything each day, which hasn’t worked at all. You’d think I’d just know that by now, but I stubbornly struggle for a bit instead. Anyway, I wasn’t getting enough writing or piano in and every time I worked on one, I felt guilty I wasn’t doing the other. I’ve now booked an hour 3 days a week for each. The 7th day is martial arts. I know I might not be able to get through a whole hour yet with piano, but soon it’ll work out. And 3 hours a week writing is better than virtually none. I think with time booked, I may be able to focus better before long and get back to productivity.


  • Bathroom: The plumber was supposed to come on Thursday and never showed. I’ve tried multiple times with this dude, so I’m moving on. I’ll be going back to my original plan of demoing as much as possible before having one come in.
  • Paper: 79 pieces


I’ve reached out to my financial adviser for the next stage of planning. It’s a long weekend though, so I won’t hear anything for a bit.

  • R. Card: 59.6%
  • S. Card: 38.5%
  • Student Loan: 7.76%
  • Savings: TBD


I’m just going to focus on martial arts for now, but it might be hard with a likely broken toe. I can do a lot standing in one spot for jodo, I think. I know I can sit and practice cuts for iaido.


I’m just going to get back to Charlie et la Chocolaterie for a bit.


I’m close on memorization of Let It Be, but I didn’t make it in time for my lesson. I also didn’t get too far with Downtown Abbey as it’s pretty hard! My teacher showed me a trick for it. It’s basically layering things. If the rhythm is complicated, you can play just a chord on one hand with some rhythm on the other then eventually put it all together as written.

I was worried because I knew I hadn’t made the goal post, but my teacher was happy I practiced. I guess a lot of the kids don’t because they aren’t paying for the lessons themselves. They may even be in it just because a parent wants them to.

My C scale is coming along. It’s still hard to get both hands to move together separately in different ways. She has me switch after the third finger RH, but I get to there when the LH is on the same finger, but in the opposite direction because they are mirrored. And mirrored stuff has always screwed with my mind in martial arts or dancing.

I think someday when I can play pretty good, I’ll invest in a distortion pedal. It’s one of the cool reasons to have an electronic keyboard instead of a regular piano.


Expanding is mostly going okay. I have whole sections to rewrite because some things changed when I moved the story to the U.S. I had this whole section that I didn’t know what to do with. It was mostly useless, so I put it in a notes area and just removed it.

The Page & The Magician: 72,058/80,000*

*It was higher, but editing out a whole scene does that.


2 thoughts on “Energy Fluctuations

  1. Being tired and stressed makes me a wreck so I empathize!

    I think scheduling helps too. But rather than one full hour, I aim for daily chunks because I think regularity is the key: 30+ minutes writing (or something related like correcting or translatin), 10+ minutes Japanese, etc.
    It’s my minimum goal and I find I often do more of at least one. But when I’m exhausted, they help as they are more realistic and easier to check.

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