Limping Along

The tacos didn’t work out. My shells were expired and I could taste it. It was disappointing, but the rest of my week went well. I won a small amount of cash at work. I was going to put it aside for my recliner fund, but I think I’m going to just set the money aside for paying off R Card as I sat down and figured out how much interest is costing me. I should be able to pay off S Card next pay.

Alas, the recliner will have to wait, but I have no shortage of cleaning left. It’ll be sweeter when there is less to do, right?

I ended up moving my living room around again, though I mainly swapped my TV and desk. It hadn’t been a comfortable space in recent months, so I put it somewhat back to how it was previously only I now have my desk by the window. It might be cold in winter, but I can really write anywhere, so I’m not worried. My desk was too much a focal point in my living space and the seating for people other than me was messed up. Not that I’ve had anyone over yet, but I could see it not working.

I have plans to hang photos from my curtain rod. I’m not sure how it will go because usually there is a wall behind when people do that. I’ll likely have to have different curtains or blinds, but the current ones were only ever temporary anyway. And those are from the dollar store, so not a loss really there. I like the neutral colour, so I’ll aim for something similar in that regard. I have hung my calendar and it is favouring one side more than the other. It’s also getting glare from the light behind me, but I’m thinking about moving the light as it’s putting glare on my screen too.

I got slowed down a bit on the cleaning because of dust allergy. I couldn’t find my usual non-drowsy anti-histamine, so it was off to bed early for me on Friday. That’s okay though. I could use the sleep. The 5:30 A.M. mornings catch up to me by the end of the week.

I also slowed down a lot on Saturday after I kicked a free weight. I didn’t mean to. I was just walking and it happened to be there. My middle toe is quite bruised and obscenities poured freely from my mouth. It might be broken. It’s colourful and was sore enough to wake me up several times in the night. Anyway, I don’t recommend it in case anyone was thinking of trying it. I saw the doctor today and he said ice, buddy taping, and an x-ray, though even if it is broken, there’s not really anything else they can do for toes. He also wants me to come see him about other stuff, so maybe I accidentally found a family doctor?

After that, I mostly played video games after the toe injury as I accidentally woke up my Xbox while reconnecting cabling. Right now, I’m working my way through Lego Batman for XBOX 360.


  • Bathroom: I decided that if I don’t hear anything by the end of the month, I’m getting my own plumber. A colleague “has a guy”, so enough with this. I want my home back together. I need to tear the vanity out and as it spans the length of the room, it’s going to require quite a bit of repair. Right now, all I need is shutoffs and that will take an experienced plumber very little time at all. Then I can have them come back when I’m ready to have the new sink connected. Both are pretty quick jobs.
  • Paper: 54 pieces


  • R. Card: 59.6%
  • S. Card: 38.5%
  • Student Loan: 7.76%
  • Savings: TBD


I’m just going to focus on martial arts for now, but it might be hard with a likely broken toe. I can do a lot standing in one spot for jodo, I think. I know I can sit and practice cuts for iaido. Who knows? Maybe this will be helpful.


French might not be on pause too much longer as the fall session is approaching.


I don’t really know how to measure progress on much of this. With writing, there is the word count. Cleaning, I’ve got a paper count now. Finances are clear too.

  • Memorize: Let It Be – Chunk 1*
  • Learn: Downtown Abbey
  • Choose a song to learn next: I think I’m going to go with About a Girl by Nirvana.

*I don’t really know how to do this. Just play a lot? Play a lot and remember the note letters?


As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been coming up with ideas for expanding it further. And so far, it’s helping.

  • The Page & The Magician: 72,427/80,000


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  1. Maybe try yoga? That would keep you limber while those toes heal. 🙂 My favorite mantra for writing these days comes from Dean Wesley Smith: “Write one sentence. Then write the next sentence.” In spite of all else that goes on in a busy life, I like to think that writing keeps me centered. That work on your home will get done . . . persevere and have a great week.

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