A day late again. I had it ready, but forgot to post it. Lots of things are happening like I’m going back to work soon!

My calendar is one of those inspirational quote types. For the month of June it says, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” – Henry David Thoreau

On Tuesday, I bought myself a new desk. I struggled with this because it meant getting rid of my old one, which I spent a long time painting Mount Fuji on. Or I thought it did. I thought about it longer and realized I could get rid of the legs and keep the top for a puzzle board. I love doing jigsaw puzzles.

So, I headed out to IKEA. There was a lot of traffic before noon. It’s construction season now. You wouldn’t even know there was a tornado this weekend if you were judging by how packed the highway was. Yes, I thankfully missed out on a tornado and so did my home since I was away at another martial arts seminar.

IKEA was pretty quick. I had forgot my purse in my car and had to go back for it. Fun fact: My first time in IKEA ever, I had a panic attack. I had to go back and get the shopping list. This was about a decade ago and we were part way through the tour and I couldn’t find the exit. I sank down to my haunches and took some deep breaths then asked people how to get out.

It was really hard to get the desk onto my cart because it weighs 78 lbs. That’s more than half my own weight. Anyway, I thankfully got help to put it in my car. At home, I made 7 trips into my house because I had to carefully cut open the box in the car and take what I could in on each trip.

It took me about five hours to put it together. About an hour on the hinges alone because IKEA, as usual, has a habit of not ensuring things like that you have the right part of the hinge facing upward in order for the other half of it to be able to snap on. I had to get creative to fix that because there was no room even for a stubby screwdriver AND I couldn’t find my ratchet set.

I realized the biggest problem with my old desk was that it had no storage. It was also quite small. This new one feels like I can write all the things with. It has handy drawers for the project books I keep. I also got a little storage cart to go underneath it. It is helping me sort through the papers I have to digitize or file. Now I can get organized without my living room looking like a disaster. And I’ll eventually be able to get rid of an ugly plastic storage cart.

The legs for my old desk will eventually be put to new use. I will be making changes to my sewing area in my bedroom. Since those legs can attach to anything, I can make a new table that will work better for me than what I have now.

I wish I had thought of this all sooner, but at least I’m figuring it out and moving forward, right? It needs some tweaking, but I feel like it’s a drastic improvement.

After. Still work to do, but much better. My lights keep falling down and I’m going to put more family and friend pictures on that wall instead.

Goals Update


  • Horror Short Story: 804/7,000 words [Due: June 30]*
  • Horror Script: Waiting for the next phase.
  • The Page & The Magician: 71,993/80,000 words
  • Puppy Chow Script: Revision not started.
  • The Blood Waitress Club: 24,092/80,000
  • The Mockumentary Script: 10/120 minutes
  • Artos Red Script: 2/120 minutes

*Technically, the minimum is around 3,000 words, so as long as I get something between 3k and 7k I will be able to submit it.


  • Dishes: 95%
  • Laundry: 80%*
  • Entrance: 80%
  • Recycling: 90%
  • Mirrors: 3/7

*This is going to be a focus with me going back to work soon.


  • Class: 27/30 hours*
  • Read: Charlie et la chocolaterie
  • Buy: French K.I.S.S.**

*Final oral exam on Saturday!
**I’m going to put this on hold for now.


  • Car Loan: 99.97% paid off.
  • OSAP Debt: 3.16% paid off.
  • Mortgage: 14.81% paid off.


  • Yoga – 0/3 (Wed, Fri, Sat)
  • Iaido – 2/2 (Sun, Tue)*
  • Walking – 2/7 (Daily)**
  • HIIT – Betty Rocker’s 30-Day Challenge has replaced this.

*I have done many hours of iaido on Sunday.
**I skipped a day because of all the martial arts.


  • Learn piano*
  • Get my trumpet embouchure back

*I’m going through my adult learning book. I decided I will pick a few pieces I really like to memorize since that’s an important skill with piano. I think my first one will be Mozart’s A Little Night Music. These are probably simplified versions of the real pieces, but I think it’s good to do anyway.