I’m late on this post, but I was away at a women’s martial arts weekend. It was an excellent weekend filled with catching up, targeted training, and inspirational speeches. I learned a lot and it even knocked something critical loose for The Blood Waitress Club.

The keynote speaker spoke about everyone having a Bank of Resilience. She said this bank is one you put deposits into by doing things when you don’t feel like it such as going to practice. This allows you to increase your ability to handle adversity. Each obstacle you get past prepares you to handle hardship. In other words, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

I liked that message because I know it to be true for myself. Each situation I have faced has helped me get through others. But it’s also true that it allows you to reach new heights. Another speaker from Team Canada Karate mentioned that we need to stop telling our girls to be careful when they accomplish the same thing as a boy like playing hard at soccer and getting bruises. I think it’s not only girls who are living in fear these days though. I’ve met many people who forsake their dreams out of fear. Fear of failure, of success, of change. I think that’s what it comes down to. Change for many generations meant death, so it is ingrained in us to be wary, but often it will bring us closer to our dreams coming true or prepare us to handle the obstacles that remain in the way of reaching them.

After that comes a life we couldn’t even imagine we could have. So many settle for less than they are worth and I think that is sad. There is nothing wrong with abandoning a dream because it no longer fits you though.

I got some news today and it sounds like my next chapter is starting soon. More to come on that in the weeks ahead 😉