May Long Weekend 2019

I fibbed. I had time to prepare the bulk of this post ahead of time, so I did.

It’s always difficult for me to pack for trips, but especially this particular one because we stay in dorms and need to bring extra things like blankets, pillows, towels, etc. And I can’t just eat whatever is provided for dinners, so there is an extra bag for me to carry. Also, we do an auction to help cover the cost of it, so more things to carry again.

One year, I packed most stuff into one big bag. There was some luggage tetris with that and I felt bad that we had to rejig everything to fit my bag in. It also happened that the elevator was unavailable, so I had to lug it up many stairs and it was a pain in the behind.

The following year, I went with several smaller bags instead, but that was a bigger headache and I had to have more help to bring my things in than the previous year. I really don’t like inconveniencing others. So much so that I stressed when asking a friend to help me move my stove, so I could get the flooring done. Despite knowing him for 20 years! And he moved the thing like it was made of styrofoam…

Anyway, all this to say that I initially started packing in smaller bags, but switched to the one larger bag for a large chunk of my stuff because it’s generally easier. Then it’s like I sort of combined both methods. I’ll have less to come home with.

And I almost forgot shampoo and conditioner. I ended up packing them in Tylenol bottles because I couldn’t find the bottles I know I had for that purpose. I also couldn’t find the in progress knitting project I wanted to continue, so I started a new one.

Goals Update


  • P.A.N. Pilot: 16/44 mins [Due: May 31]
  • Horror Short Story: 360/7,000 words [Due: June 30]
  • Horror Script: Waiting for the next phase.
  • The Page & The Magician: 71,993/80,000 words
  • Puppy Chow Script: Revision not started.
  • The Blood Waitress Club: 24,092/80,000
  • The Mockumentary Script: 10/120 minutes
  • Artos Red Script: 2/120 minutes

I brought a couple of projects in case I feel inspired.


  • Bathroom Door: 90%
  • Dishes: 95%
  • Laundry: 80%
  • Entrance: 80%
  • Recycling: 90%
  • Mirrors: 3/7


  • Online: 21/30 hours*
  • Class: 21/30 hours
  • Buy French K.I.S.S.

*I caught up!


I will be taking a hit here soon in all likelihood as the government says I owe them money. Two steps forward and one step back. At least there’s still progress?

  • Car Loan: 99.97% paid off.*
  • OSAP Debt: 3.16% paid off.
  • Mortgage: 14.81% paid off.

*I think I’m down to 4 more payments. Maybe less. It’s hard to tell with interest. Perhaps 3.5 more.


  • Yoga – 1/3
  • Iaido – 1/2*
  • Walking – 3/7
  • HIIT – 0/2

*I’ll be doing a lot of this on the weekend. Hopefully, I don’t break myself.


3 thoughts on “May Long Weekend 2019

  1. I’ll be traveling this upcoming weekend to a convention I’ve gone to for ten years. Despite the history every year the packing is an adventure, and I too worry that I’m bringing too much stuff and otherwise bogging down our many peopled group. This year I’m trying for one bag, but it’s still heavy and a very odd shape. Still, in the end it will all work out and the trip will be fun. Enjoy!

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    • My luggage is starting to disintegrate inside, so maybe I will be able to find a different option in the future. The stairs got me again, but it’s better having just a couple of bags than many small ones.


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