Make It Monday – Swamped But Surviving

bitmoji_goalsIn the last week I have done the following:

  1. Completed and submitted a scene where two people try to convince another of something.
  2. Completed and submitted an optional short film pitch to be eligible to pitch it on our trip.
  3. Peer reviewed the first act of a classmate’s feature film.
  4. Had my first fight with my TV partner. We figured it out and we’re good.
  5. My partner and I completed a 1-pager for our TV show and submitted it.
  6. Went to martial arts.
  7. Completed a creative approach for placement and submitted it.
  8. Met with the comedy group in prep for the show.
  9. Completed and submitted my career plan.
  10. Went to placement where I worked on a script for described video.
  11. Went to rehearsal for the comedy show.
  12. Did the comedy show.
  13. Wrote the other eight pages for my feature film and submitted it.
  14. Completed the synopsis for my one-act play to be submitted today.
  15. Began the pitch document for our TV show to be finished today and presented tomorrow.
  16. Began the assignment due on Thursday.
  17. Began reading a book for the book review we have to do.
  18. Fallen asleep numerous times from exhaustion.

The day of the comedy show was a frustrating one. It started with me waking from a dream that involved a boy from high school. I had a crush on this boy many years ago and one particular friend used to meet up with me nearly every day to buy food from the chip stand he worked at. It wasn’t until the end of the summer that I got up the courage to ask him out. By then he had just started dating something else.

That friend then messaged me to tell me her mother passed away 😥

Then I fought to get my car dug out and drove to placement where I couldn’t seem to communicate well with my supervisor, but things got better for a bit.

Then my car wouldn’t start and my booster pack had lost its charge from the cold, so I had to get a boost from the tech.

Then there was bus trouble to get to rehearsal.

Then one of my classmates almost walked into traffic as we walked from the bus to the show.

I was a little buzzed by the time I performed, but people said I did well…


Photo from Comedy Ottawa

Overall, the show went well and I got a hug that helped make all the bad of the day melt away.

I also had an awesome Uber driver at the end of the night who chatted with me about Black Mirror.

This week doesn’t look much lighter, though I’ll have a few more things completed like two presentations that I won’t have to worry about later on in the year.

Tonight, I need to remember that my writing group is meeting at the mall near my home. I also need to take my booster pack out of my car and charge it up so I’ll be able to do things tomorrow like martial arts and put gas in my car.

And that’s how life’s river flows today.