Merry Monday – A Schedule Feast


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My life often gets a little busy.  Here was my weekend:

  1. Friday – Final practice then performance for fundraiser. I should’ve probably stuck around to party longer after, but a friend was driving to my area of town anyway.
  2. Saturday – I did dishes, worked on a group presentation, and worked on other homework.
  3. Sunday РI went to church, had the second last practice before my 2nd grading attempt of 2nd level black belt. After that, I donated items, did some groceries, did homework, visit with my little buddy, and capped it all off with B-Movie night.

This is my next couple of weeks:

  1. Monday – Bring my car for a tire retorque. Go to work placement to figure things out. Go to play writing class. Homework. Tweak and submit TV episode treatment. Double feature at the Mayfair.
  2. Tuesday – Two classes (one with presentation). Final practice before grading attempt. Lengthen ties on my outfit for grading.
  3. Wednesday – Class. Wash needed clothing for grading.
  4. Thursday – Two classes. Iron grading outfit. Pack for trip.
  5. Friday – Travel with friends to GTA.
  6. Saturday – Grading. Seminar. Either celebrating or mourning grading results with libations.
  7. Sunday – Do homework while watching the tournament. Food. Travel back to Ottawa.
  8. Monday – Class.
  9. Tuesday to Thursday – Was supposed to be work placement, but we’re postponing until the new year for my sanity and theirs, so just classes and the other usual stuff.
  10. Friday – Homework
  11. Saturday & Sunday – Digi60
  12. Monday – Class. Breathing.

And then I think it’s Christmas Party season followed by Christmas.

Well, I expect I may forget some posts over the next couple of weeks and I’m apologizing in advance. The most important thing is getting my school work done.

If I get time in between that all and continuing my house cleanup, I’ll put some time in editing my novel or maybe even go on a date? Who can really say what will happen on any given day? Working as a planner for a long time taught me plans are limitedly useful and goals with flexible timelines are more important because sometimes it’s really not about how long it takes to achieve something, but more about persevering.

Speaking of my novel, I got this brilliant idea for it the other day and then I forgot it! I was so upset!!! Somehow, I’ve managed to recall what it was, so I am relieved about that. Usually ideas get lost forever if they aren’t written down right away in my experience.

Anyway, I think I have a quiz this morning, so I better study that material. I know most of it, but she might want specific wording…

Guid cheerio the nou,