Theatrical Tuesday – Daredevil

TuesdayOk, I’m just discovering Daredevil. Why didn’t I watch it before? After the disappointment that was The Iron Fist, I needed a break from superhero TV shows.

I’m thoroughly enjoying Daredevil. Having not read the comics, I didn’t know he was a Catholic. I like the way they handle religion in the show. He has principles that he sticks to like not killing and he talks to his priest regularly, but he doesn’t go around trying to convert others.

I just finished season one and I’m going to catch up on some cleaning and school reading before I get into season two. I think the third is supposed to start soon. Also, I heard The Punisher shows up and he’s another favourite of mine.

Fisk is a bad dude, but I feel a little sorry for him given his youth.

It doesn’t hurt that the actor playing Matt Murdock is easy on the eyes either. Given how agile he is, I suspect he would be fun in the sack 😉

Guid cheerio the nou,