Frisky Friday – RIP Hugh Hefner

rest-in-peaceLove him or hate him, Hugh Hefner did a lot besides party in his Playboy mansion. He published unconventional stories like “The Crooked Man” in his magazine, which was a story about a heterosexual man being persecuted by a homosexual society. Why did he publish it when no one else would? He felt the persecution of someone based on their sexuality was wrong regardless of what that sexuality was.

He was known to donate to a lot of charities. Some of those were political, but many weren’t.

Yes, he got a lot of action and when you look further into things, he is partly responsible for the sexual objectification of women, but he’s also partly responsible for women having the freedom to be sexually active in the same way that men have been for a long time. Anyone who blames him for their own relationship ills should do some deep soul searching because we’re all responsible for our own choices in life.

He wasn’t a perfect human, but I don’t know anyone who is.

Rest in peace, Hugh.