Merry Monday – A Good Day

I had a wonderful day yesterday. 
In the morning, I surrounded myself with people who advocate love and kindness. They use actions to back up their words and helped drive the criminal elements out of my neighborhood.

On Tuesdays they help refugees run a farmer’s market, which brings high quality vegetables to residents at low prices. This benefits the community and helps the refugees contribute to the economy. 

There was a good chat with my significant other. 

Later, I also got hugs from friends and my toddler buddy. Four-year-old hugs are the best. 

Later in the evening I watched a terrible movie with my B movie club and we had many laughs about it.

The night was capped off with a chat with a friend. 

It was exactly the kind of day I needed. 

The only bad thing was missing martial arts,  but I’ve gotten very little sleep lately and needed to at least try and nap. 

I need to make more time for self care and have more days like this one. 
Guid cheerio the nou,