Frisky Friday – A Kiss

passionThink about the best kiss you’ve had.

Was it a first date? Second? Third? Fourth? Longer?

I find a kiss is better when you have to wait for it. Like great steak, wine, and cheese.

Sometimes all you need is a kiss to set you on fire.

The effects are far more than becoming turned on. If you have to drive right after, it can be hard to think. It can disorient you and lead you to take a longer drive home than you intended simply because you can’t remember which direction home is in.

It can change your worldview in that moment.

Think about this when writing about a kiss.

If you’re somewhere that celebrates Victoria Day, enjoy the first long weekend of summer.

I’m off to Guelph to see friends, train hard, play hard, and hopefully pass an exam. If I can manage to focus on martial arts or anything else after that kiss that is. Packing was much harder than it should have been yesterday…


1 thought on “Frisky Friday – A Kiss

  1. “A kiss is just a kiss” something, something but wow, looks like I’ve missed a few posts recently! I have had memorable kisses that made my knees wobble and my heart flutter.

    Wishing you fun and success in Guelph. I lived in that lovely, quiet city for a year. Had a few memorable kisses too :-^



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