Merry Monday – Too Much


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Hey there readers. Just dropping in to say hi. I’m feeling like I’ve got too much for a human to get done. Hoping I’ll get my head above water soon. Here’s the to-do list:

  • Bring guitar in for service. It’s free in the first year. The first year runs out this week.
  • Play guitar/piano a little every day.
  • Get sewing area set up. It’s a mess.
  • Make things in said sewing area. (Aiming for June)
  • Etsy site for sewn goods. (Aiming for end of summer) Already have Facebook and website for this venture.
  • 30-Day script challenge. Writing my first movie script. Don’t really know what I’m doing, but the challenge is set up like a course, so I’m learning as I go.
  • Reading a book. It’s taking a long time.
  • 365 Tao – read one a day and think about its message. Today’s was about how life is rarely balanced and if it is you aren’t growing. Upheaval and chaos mean growth and there will always be a period of healing after a time of pain or suffering.
  • Iaido – Doing a demonstration this week at the Japanese Embassy. It’s Saturday at 2PM for anyone who wants to see me swing my sword about.
  • Newsletter – I meant to get it out this month…
  • Editing – Short story needs to be edited.
  • Jodo – Apparently I’m trying to grade for ikkyu level next month…
  • Dating – I’m enjoying spending time with someone when we both have time to spend together. At least we’re both equally busy?
  • Walking/Yoga/Dancing/Karate – Trying to be healthier and trying to get my skill back.
  • Cleaning the house – I’d like to have a couple of people over at some point.
  • Kitchen – Repairing my drawers.
  • Writing – Trying to meet daily word goals, but it hasn’t been happening with everything else.
  • Film Study – Trying to read and watch movies to learn things about writing scripts.
  • Videogames – Play to relax because it really reduces my stress levels.
  • Food – Eat better.

Yeah, I have a lot going on. No, I don’t see it letting up anytime soon. I’m making progress on about 70% of my goals most days. My bullet journal is helping. I didn’t get much done today though. I was too exhausted from yesterday to get up at a proper time. Tomorrow is a new day though.

Eeek! Must put outside the house clothes on and get to a workshop I signed up for because it was free and given by someone cool.