Fortifying Friday – Rhyme or Reason


Is there any rhyme or reason to being laid off twice in the same year from two different companies? Is this just because it’s 2016 and it has been a challenging year for many? I’m still not over the loss of Alan Rickman. But many lost far more this year such as family members.

Most likely, it’s the economy and there’s nothing much to be done about it. As more and more automation happens, there will be less jobs available. This is why it’s so fabulous that PEI is piloting a basic income project. Basic income is the future. With it, we shouldn’t need many of the social programs that are currently in place. With it, people who are barely surviving now will be able to put time toward other things like helping solve bigger problems like cancer.

There’s a small chance there is some cosmic force directing me to where I’m meant to be and I’ll meet the love of my life and birds will sing and blah blah. Sure. It’s possible.

I have a few irons in the fire right now, so we’ll see what happens. I missed a call by a recruiter yesterday about a potential job match. I’ve applied to a part time job at the city. I’m poised at the ready to return to the job agency if needed. I’m also ready to reactivate my employment insurance claim if the phone is ever not busy.

Because the bad things of this year have been so well covered on social media, I think many of the good things have been overlooked. Here is a list of 99 Good Things that Happened in 2016.

Whatever comes next, I’ll keep on working toward my goals. Speaking of which, I have writing to do.


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  1. I’m sorry you’ve been laid off again. My husband has been fired from two jobs this year. The first he’d held for nine years; the second only for a few weeks. Both times, he wasn’t given the credit he was due (in the first case, he had brought a brand-new restaurant to award-winning status; in the second, he was taking initiative despite a near complete staff turnover after his arrival.

    We choose to think these things are opportunities…and we’re looking at these and beginning to consider our path forward…

    May it work out well, eventually, for all of us!

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