Fortifying Friday – Busy

It was a busy day today for work mocking up web page designs with only the use of Google docs at my disposal and simple tools like paint. Fun. Stuff.

This weekend is a busy one. Tomorrow is the annual dojo Christmas sushi outing, which I always look forward to. Sunday the dojo is doing cutting practice on mats (tameshigiri), but I won’t be able to stay for the whole thing because also on Sunday is a Christmas party with some of the other writers in Ottawa. 

I’ve started work on a short story for an upcoming anthology I’m hoping to get it into. It’s a straight sci-fi tale. Straight as in no supernatural elements or sex. I wish I had started sooner, but I didn’t have an idea. Now I do.

Anyway, back to work. One more mockup to go then it’s writing and relaxing time.