Thoughtful Thursday – Can-Con Schedule

I can’t believe it starts tomorrow. So much to do before then! Like figure out what food to bring. I figured out a schedule at least.
Officially, I am only on one panel and have nothing in the dealer’s room, nor am I pitching anything, so I’m pretty wide open to take it all in. My panel is at noon on Sunday. It’s Swordfighting 201. Oh, and the parties too.

Otherwise, I think I’m going to go to one or two workshops on Friday followed by the following panels:

  • Ursula K. Le Guin: Contributions and Legacy
  • Challenging Creative Marriages: Comic Book Writers and Artists Working Together
  • Portraying Non-Verbal Communication in Prose


  • Character Arc and Mental Health
  • Epic Fantasy
  • The Ed Greenwood Group
  • Stormtalons
  • Either Renaissance Press Readings OR Unarmed Combat
  • Stormtalons: Closed World Building
  • Want to Dominate the World?
  • 2-hour BREAK from 5-7
  • What if vN is Just The First Circle of Hell: The Dark Future of Sexuality
  • Paper Airplane Thing OR Selling at Conventions
  • Witchcraft, Druids, and the Occult
  • Party


  • Finances
  • Bodies of Difference
  • Swordfighting 201
  • The Diversification of the Comics Industry
  • Jay & Silent Dom on Comic Creation

At some point before the Swordfighting panel, I may miss something due to needing to practice for my panel, though.

Then I’m off to a friend’s place for our B Movies Group. It’s awards night.