Merry Monday – Demos, Movies, and Early Birthday Fun


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This weekend was fairly packed. Friday brought a lovely thunderstorm. I spent the early part of the weekend custom-painting my sword bag and watching the Harry Potter movies since it was rainy. I’ve been a little down lately and those movies always make me feel better. I’ll post a pic of the bag once it’s done. I’m really excited about it!

On Saturday, I dragged my butt out of my house to get some things to bake myself a gluten free birthday cake. I got the boxed kind because I’ve had too many bad experiences with gluten free baking in recent years and wanted something edible. The golden cake was just OK for me. Next time I’ll try a different brand, I think. I was bringing the cake to a friend’s on Sunday anyway and didn’t feel like experimenting on them. Maybe next time, though.

Oh, tomorrow is my birthday. The big 3-5. It’s been a pretty good year. Perhaps this is the age I will remain because I’m supposed to start lying about that sometime, right?

Yes, I brought my own birthday cake to a friend’s. It was our monthly B-Movie Club event and just happened to be right near my birthday. I wanted cake but didn’t want to eat a whole one myself. I’ve gained a slight bit of weight since I’ve been able to reintegrate a lot of foods back into my life. Too much pizza and ice cream lately. Man, I missed cheese. We watched 90210 Shark Attack. It was pretty awful. They needed to show every step each actor took, the dialogue was bad and delivered worse, and the plot was also predictable. But that’s the fun of B-Movies.

Oh and I should’ve known there was no point in trying to blow out candles. I failed pretty well at it during lung function testing earlier this year.

On Sunday, before movie club, my dojo did a demonstration of the martial arts we practice at the 2016 Japanese Festival. I was a little nervous as I was doing more than I normally do for this annual event.


I’ve also been taken in by Pokémon Go. I think someone else was playing at lunch today judging by our cell phone usage. We exchanged knowing glances. Gotta catch ’em all.

I’ll talk about Pokémon Go some more, later this week. Until then, don’t drive and battle.


2 thoughts on “Merry Monday – Demos, Movies, and Early Birthday Fun

  1. I think it is great you share some of your day to day common experiences. PokeGo has taken over our house too. It’s a good stress reliever I think, but I do worry about the distractions. I am going to go ahead and follow you because I love reading about how people live all over the world. It helps me deal with some of the problems here and in turn I can help someone with their problems. I hope your day is beautiful!


    • I’m interested in how others live too. I think it informs my writing. I think people need to be smart about Pokémon Go and otherwise have fun. Battling while driving is obviously a dumb thing to do. I think it’s a bit of nostalgia and some other things people need an excuse to do like walking and exploring their neighborhoods.


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