Merry Monday: Weather

Image created using Bit Strips.

Image created using Bit Strips.

It’s Monday and I have trouble getting going on Mondays. I thought I’d try something new. What if Monday sets the tone of the whole week? What if on Monday I decide to be appreciative in the face of the challenges ahead?

This Monday I’m going to talk about the weather.

Last night, freezing rain covered Ottawa. I was dreading driving to work this morning.

Guess what?

As I chipped away at the ice on my car this morning, braced to apply a ton of elbow grease, it broke apart with little force. This surprised and filled me with joy. It was actually almost fun to clean off my car today.

So, as we brace for another storm slated for tomorrow and Wednesday, remember that it might not be that bad. Besides, weather forecasting isn’t an exact science. Remember last week when they told us it was going to do “something” possibly <insert list of every conceivable type of precipitation>?

So I’m not going to fret. I’m more prepared than I ever been for winter in the capitol.

And there’s always hot cocoa at home.