Getting Back on Track

I’ve been rather distracted as of late while waiting on medical test results. I was writing, but not very much.

I’m not a New Years resolution type of person. I’m a goal-oriented type. So here’s the writing plan for 2016:

1. Finish the second draft of The Blood Waitress Club. It is a tale of a team of roller derby girls who happen to be vampires.

2. Finish the first draft of Scion. This one is an alien conspiracy involving a particularly skilled boy.

3. Do whatever is needed to get The Page & The Magician to publication. It’s my urban fantasy romance that’s set in Ottawa. This one is currently in review by a publisher, but they could decide it isn’t actually something they’re into, or that it needs a lot more work.

4. Polish some of my short stories and send them out into the world.

5. Attend Ad Astra and Can-Con.

That should keep me busy.


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