Mixed Bag

I’m sorry for not posting on Sunday. I was hungover. You see, Saturday was the annual dojo BBQ. I enjoyed vodka and cutting mats with a sharp sword, also known as Tameshigiri. I did my favorite kata, So Giri. It’s number eleven in the Zen Ken Ren set. It’s kind of flashy and you can’t do it for grading unless you’re asked to. There’s 5 cuts in it. I did much better than last year. I was annoyed when the sword got stuck in the “body”, but my sensei said the depth was decent, so that’s cool.

I’m trying to tie up all the loose ends in my book. It’s going out with a bang. I’ve stumbled onto some bits where I can’t remember what I was thinking. Some kind of lizard creature. Yes, that’s about the extent of what I left myself. Hopefully I find a note explaining to myself what that was about.

My next homework for the superheroes course is due in September, but I should get it done sooner.

It looks like my food sensitivities may be a symptom of a larger issue, so I get to see a specialist next month. It’s not shocking to me. I’m looking forward to getting answers, even if those may not be pleasant answers. I’m also not looking forward to it either. What I expect is the specialist will order more tests and it may take quite a while to actually figure it out. It’s causing me quite a lot of pain to walk. Because I’ve been walking in a funny way to try and reduce pain, I’m having to massage my calve muscles. Fun stuff. Counting down the days to seeing the specialist (27). In the meantime, I have other doctors appointments like an MRI to check my neck/head out. I also have an annual physical booked and it’s finally almost time for that CT scan that was ordered a long time ago to check out my salivary glands, which have been problematic for about 20 years. I think I’ll be sick of doctors appointments soon.

Whatever happens, I’m finishing my books and doing my martial art. I’ve never been one for letting things get in my way. Something may slow me down for a bit, but I adapt and move on.


2 thoughts on “Mixed Bag

  1. I hate finding the parts that when you read them again you have to say ‘what was I thinking?’. I had a few parts in Real Road Trip that were like that. Although a lizard creature, that could be fun.

    Good to hear that you are continue to work on your novel and your martial arts. i took a summer course in very basic karate and one in tae kwan do (2 different years of an academic summer program that featured electives). I found the karate very strict of discipline, but it helped my mind focus. Love the tae kwan do though! I miss the classes and training. Maybe it’s time to get into something like that again.

    Anyway, sorry to hear what your doctor appointments, but you have some nice distractions to take your mind off them. Keep pushing, Rae and you will get there. 🙂

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