Busy Weekend

It’s playoff season and I’m a Habs fan, so it’s been a little difficult fitting in time for some things. I’m super happy after Sunday’s game though.

For some reason I do better during the playoffs. I’m good at getting things done around the house in between periods or during commercial breaks.

Things finished this weekend:
– prop for Comiccon
– edited chapter 4
– made fake cheese spread
– a load of laundry
– groceries
– two loads of dishes
– made soup
– attempted avocado and coconut ice cream
– watched some Agents of Shield

Today I:
– had a doctor’s appointment
– had a decent meeting with my boss
– had good fortune with shoe shopping, which never happens
– went to the monthly meeting of the Ottawa Science Fiction Society
– cooked meat for empanadas

I’m now clomping around in my new boots to ensure they are broken in by Comiccon.