Checking In!

Here’s what I accomplished since last check-in:

– I’ve started a short story involving roller derby and the supernatural.
– I’ve sent my first chapter for The Page & The Magician out to my writing group in preparation for the next meeting.
– I bought several Rayne Hall eBooks to help me with editing The Page & The Magician.
– I’m nearly ready to file my taxes. I’m thankful I didn’t rush as I was missing an RRSP slip and that has reduced the amount I’m to pay by quite a lot.
– I’ve caught up on The Walking Dead.
– I’ve visited the National Gallery of Canada.

I don’t really have anything else to say except taxes suck, hydro sucks, and snow sucks. Psst… It’s supposed to be Spring now…

Busy day tomorrow, so I’m off.


3 thoughts on “Checking In!

  1. I agree on the snow and taxes. 🙂

    I would read a book about Roller Derby and the supernatural!

    Here’s to an awesome week!!


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