Not much to report…

I haven’t done much of anything since Sunday other than work away at my finances. It’s that time of year.

I did send out my first chapter from The Page & The Magician tonight to my writing group. We’re having an editing focused meeting in April, so I wanted them to have time to read it before then.

I also did somewhat of a plan, or more of a list of all my book ideas and played around with fonts for the titles to capture the feel I want in the stories. I keep adding to the short story section. It seems most of my short story ideas are horror or horror mixed with something else like romance.

I’m reading Hooked and solidifying what the Inciting Incident, Surface Problem, Story-Worthy Problem, etc is for The Page & The Magician.

I guess I’m in a planning mode more than a writing mode right now.

I’m also working away at some of my other objectives. I’m hoping to visit an art gallery soon.

I have an early day tomorrow, so it’s a short and sweet kind of night. I’m also tired as I’ve been barely able to walk since my martial arts class on Sunday. My quadriceps feel like I’ve been playing softball.