Words often have more than one meaning…

I haven’t progressed in getting my old blog copied into Scrivener. I was behind in everything.

I got the following done:

– Test results for Celiac’s [Negative]
– Marked assignment 4 for peers in guitar
– Watched week five’s videos, did the quizzes, and started the assignment
– Got a massage
– Did dishes
– Made banana bread in my┬ábread machine
– Attempted to make almond yogurt [FAIL]
– Critiqued two stories for writers group

On Saturday I had a massage. When I say that, people usually see images of pampering and relaxation in their minds.┬áMassage isn’t always like that. When you have to heal something or manage a condition, massage can be excruciating. I had a combination of deep tissue massage for my neck and shoulder area and TMJ massage. TMJ is where your jaw joint and muscles don’t work the way they should. The joint may be damaged, you may clench your jaw, you may grind your teeth. I have TMJ and bruxism. A while back, I was talking to the dentist about braces because, in some cases, TMJ has been cured by braces. Braces won’t help mine though. I think my jaw probably got damaged when I got my wisdom teeth out years ago.

Anyway, the dentist suggested I get massage for TMJ, which is not relaxing at all. It’s very painful. I can’t even tell if it’s helping. It feels good after, until the next day. I’ve been in pain much of the day near my parotid salivary glands, and in my shoulders. To compound that, I’ve never discovered what is causing my parotid salivary glands to get stones in them. That’s been happening since childhood. I suppose I should see if the doctors of today know anything more about that then they used to. Another thing for the to-do list.

Well, time change plus early work day means I need to get to bed.


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  1. Further to this I have a throat that feels sore, but it’s actually a little stone trying to escape from my right parotid salivary gland. Probably why it hurt extra bad to get massaged. Hopefully it will decide to exit soon.


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