Small changes

Where has the time gone by?

So here’s what I’ve accomplished since Sunday:

– 475 words
– an oil change
– a quiz for my Coursera course (92%)
– a filling in my lower left (freezing gave me a huge adrenaline spike)
– this blog post (desperate for list items)
– groceries (more desperation)
– found a white noise sound that is nice and boring
– read a little farther into Wuthering Heights (now on page 124)
– attended a DiSC training session
– booked a meeting with one possible vendor for my work project and have an email thread going with another

That’s it.

I’m still feeling frozen from the dentist today and a little weird. I’ve had panic attacks before, but this was a whole other level. They froze me in the jaw hinge and my heart started racing (thought I was having a heart attack), my ears went all funny, and I couldn’t believe they were chatting on so mundanely about toothpaste as I felt like I was under attack. My overly logical brain thankfully comes in handy in situations like that. I calmed myself down and forced air into my lungs rather than freaking out.

I tried blowing my nose earlier and every time I blew it, it sounded like I was farting with my mouth. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself and the noise. I often feel rather pathetic after the dentist does a filling as my face feels like it is swollen and I have a baseball attached to it. Of course, this is when people seem most apt to chat me up.

I enjoyed the training session I went to this week though I’ve done one before on DiSC. The best part was that this trainer said it’s not about changing ourselves, but just making small shifts in how we communicate with different people. He said to stay our wonderful selves, which is not usually what one hears from those types of training sessions. A large portion of my workplace is C like me.

My morning person course is about making small changes. My Coursera course is about learning in small bits. I’m learning it’s more about forming good habits and doing things in small manageable chunks. This is also how my day profession is.

With my writing, I am at war with myself because I want to make it perfect (even though I know that’s not possible), but I also really want to get it out to market!

I’m a little bit stuck, but it’s okay because I have an assignment to finish tonight for my Coursera course, which finishes next week. I think on the book front, I need to find reference for training for magical battles with a bunch of newbies. Not sure what that Internet search looks like, but it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Small changes

    • I’ve never had a reaction like that before at the dentist. Usually I just dig my nails into my palm and get through the anxiety of it. The dentist said the needle must have been near an artery and that it happens to one patient each day.

      I took the course called, “Learning How to Learn,” and I’m finding it really neat. I thought I was getting slower as I age, but I’ve just been using poor methods to try and get things into my head.


  1. You’ve done well these past few days. Honestly, way better than me. But, that’s the main reason I only check-in once a week. Makes it all look that much more impressive! 😉

    Hope things keep going well for you.


    • I think I keep comparing my writing progress to November when I was averaging about 2000 words a day. I should stop that though because I wasn’t getting anything else done.

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  2. Glad you were able to calm yourself at the dentist. It gives me such anxiety that I started freaking out a little just reading about it. As far as writing goals, some words is better than no words. Good luck from a ROW80 blog hopping friend.


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