55k, but feeling so far away

I’ve done the following since Wednesday’s check-in:

– made chicken stew
– talked with my financial advisor on writer taxes
– written 634 words on my novel, so I’m now slightly passed 55,000 words
– made good progress on the last assignment for my Coursera course
– gave a fellow writer some information that may help her be able to read her stories without stuttering
– baked gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, carob brownies, but I messed up the amounts so they’re not quite right.
– attended the monthly Ottawa Independent Writers meeting
– visited the chiropractor for my weekly neck adjustment
– started making changes to how I sleep as the second assignment for my email course on becoming a morning person
– getting set up for using white noise to reduce the highway noise and hopefully improve my sleep
– not allowing myself to use my phone in bed, which is a harder habit to break than I thought it would be
– attended my first sewing class
– ordered a replacement part for my bread machine
– had Iaido class
– went to a Steampunk Ottawa event
– celebrated Robbie Burns Day by grabbing haggis for supper with some friends

I didn’t get through much of my to-do list, but I wasn’t prioritizing as well as I did in weeks prior to this, so the list seemed to become overwhelming.

3 thoughts on “55k, but feeling so far away

    • Thank you. I think it feels slow because I really want to get to the next stage where I have a finished manuscript. It’ll be my first. I’m both excited and not for editing as I have many writer friends who increase the frequency of their cursing while editing. I just want to get to having a completed book, but also want to enjoy the journey. I’m a ball of conflicting emotions 🙂


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