It’s Wednesday already?

Well that came too quickly for me this week.

I got a whole 166 words written since Sunday on “The Page & the Magician”.

Other things done since Sunday’s check-in:

– Laundry including putting it away (which is practically unheard of, but I’m trying to clean my place and keep it clean).
– Contacted my financial advisor to start talking about taxes as a writer.
– Started knitting a replacement lanyard for my work badge as I ran out of spots to staple on the original one and haven’t seen any new ones to buy that weren’t covered in names of beer brands.
– Completed Quiz 2 of my Coursera course “Learning how to learn”.
– Evaluated 5 peers.
– Wrote a business case and a project charter for a project I’m managing at my day job.
– Took chances.
– Read some chapters in Wuthering Heights.
– Figured out next steps for me in roller derby refereeing.
– Corrected my sword grip for my martial art.
– Learned about chunking as part of learning.
– Began an email-based course called “How to become a morning person”, so I can get more writing time in each day.

So I guess I got a lot done, just not on my book.

Tomorrow is a new day to try again.


5 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday already?

  1. What a neat, eclectic mix of achievements. I especially liked the fine tuning of the sword hold with ‘chunking’ learning! 🙂 From Sunday to Weds always seems a bit fast for me as well, but we will focus and make progress. Have a good week. Even with writing.

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  2. Sounds like you’ve stayed pretty busy! It’s so nice to keep lists of things you HAVE accomplished, isn’t it? Even though you may not have accomplished exactly what you wanted, you can see that you have accomplished many things! Great job. 🙂

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